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The Outside Resource Center

Empowering the Community

Who is the platform for?


Enter the platform to experience a new learning path that will help you in finding useful resources for your green projects, interacting with your peers, sharing your ideas, turning local environmental issues of into green business opportunities and valorize your community. Make use of digital tools for boosting your ideas and support the green shift!


Make the best of the OUTSIDE Resource Center to improve your skills in environmental and sustainability education; use the resources available in the platform to implement training activities with students, involve the local community in the school life and integrate green entrepreneurship in the school curricula. Share ideas with your colleagues across Europe.

Local Stakeholder

Take advantage of the platform to address the environmental issues of your local community by supporting young students’ learning process, get in contact with European 3rd sector organizations, business, civil society, public bodies and schools active in the field of sustainability, green entrepreneurship and education and training.

Ready to Become an Agent of Change?

The platform will help you becoming a change agent in your local community through the acquisition of innovative competences linked to creativity, sustainability and green entrepreneurship.

The platform is organized in training modules that will guide you in the three phases needed for the design and implementation of innovative green business projects

Outside the Classroom

Think Outside the box

Go outside