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5th Project Meeting In Brussels

On the 16th of March we all met for a fantastic event prepared by the students of Arbre des Possible, helped by their teachers and families. The School organized this party as a final Multiplier Event of the OUTSIDE Project, in order to spread the ideas of the project and congratulate the students for what they created over the course of these past years.

During the morning, Arbre des Possible opened its doors to Outside partners to share their pedagogy to the visitors. Due to the active pedagogy of the school, the sharing was not theoretical, but was done by involving the visitors in the daily life of the school and in the participatory laboratories. After a delicious and healthy lunch, the party started.

During the party stakeholders had the chance to experience the different businesses developed by the young students. 

On day 2, project partners had the final project meeting with the purpose of discussing ideas for the project follow-up, the results’ sustainability and further collaborations.